Monday, December 17, 2018

"Economic Invincibility" describes his fiction projects: Morgan Freeman should be ready to do an O'Neill cylinder sci-fi project

“Economic Invincibility” seemed to identify himself as “Martin Goldberg”, living in Florida, with a liberal arts degree and a stable job, probably in tech, about age 25. The video was called “Facts About Martin Goldberg” on Dec. 16. 

Of course, Goldberg could be a pen name. He says he was brought up as an evangelical Christian, so last names don’t mean anything.

He mentioned three books he is working on:  a sci-fi novel, a medieval fantasy, and a children’s book.  He said he writes out longhand first before typing onto a laptop.  He also says he has little or no debt and low overhead, and is very careful to take any on.  Yup, that means being careful about making the jump for marriage and children.  He admits that this is not good for population demographics and the economy – not exactly MGTOW, but being cautious.

He also mentioned keeping a private diary, which I do myself (noting my dreams every night).  Its contents never go online, but probably have suggested a couple incidents in my novel.  A major theme in my last sonata came to me in a dream.

I had written a long comment on his “Clean Your Room” (aka “Skin in the Game”) post the day before, and challenged him to take a look at the bannings of conservatives from platforms like Patreon, which I have blogged about before.  I think he read it, but instead decided to talk about his life and maybe plans as a writer. He mentioned some favorite authors –I think Arthur C. Clarke, and some Russians. (How about Chekhov, which Reid Ewing likes.)  No mention of manga or Danganronpa (Ewing, again.)

Is there some kind of message here?  I have a novel, a screenplay (based on my “do ask do tell” series books, with a setting on an O’Neill Cylinder) and a sonata to get delivered to the public, all in 2019.
Does his novel happened on an O’Neill Cylinder?  Morgan Freeman has been interested in producing Arthur C. Clarke’s “Rendez-Vous with Rama” for years.  Maybe a film, maybe more like a SciFi channel series.  Imagine building the cylinder with CGI.  Or maybe a real model in that movie studio in Baton Rouge LA or maybe Austin TX. 
Picture: Model railroad worlds are like O'Neill cylinders.  But you have to get the artificial gravity right. Once you jump off the surface, there is no gravity at all. How would you play baseball? 

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