Sunday, December 02, 2018

Milo Yiannopoulos talks to his subscribers on a long video, says he really wants to fund a regular professionally produced channel

Milo Yiannopoulos recently delivered a two-hour “subscriber update” where he announced that he wants to have a real channel and a real show. 

There are some issues with his handling subscribers, and all the controversy that have happened.  But the is worth linking here.  He discusses his financial support and the controversies behind him, which are well known and need not be resummarized here.  I’ll let him speak for himself in the video.

I would say that the material in this video is not in itself offensive in any way “to speech codes”.  But he does have an operating business and revenue stream to stay online.

His website “Dangerous” is still up and the Magazine has some eye-catching headlines which may be a little more “sensational” than what I would do.  
His book publishing operation was successful with his own book and with Pam Geller’s book.

If you actually read his book or watch his videos, you find they are not nearly as extreme or reckless as everyone believes.  Some of his points, while hyperbolic, are similar to those in my own blogs. 

The radical Left is indeed “dangerous” and authoritarian on its own.   (Stalin and Hitler were essentially the same.)  My own model is “free” and supported by other assets, but I suppose that could become controversial.  I would certainly be willing to talk to him about how I work.   

Chadwick Moore appears in the video.
I was under the impression Milo operates from the Miami (lower Florida) area.

Update:  Dec. 3

Towlerload has an article about Milo's problems.  I was rather shocked at Vox's Carlos Maza for this tweet after Maza's wonderful video on David Hogg.  Deplatforming is a very slippery slope because the perception of what is "hate speech" is so much in the eye of the beholder.  Is a blog post with a gratuitous photo of a Confederate statue on Monument Ave in Richmond VA hate speech in the eyes of some people? 

Update: Dec 7

There is a rather disturbing Twitter thread about Milo and Patreon.  Some of the perks from the supposed membership do look a little silly if correct -- I can't imagine offering stuff like this. As Bernstein says there -- it's just sad.

Also, Milo's "Big Gay Army?"  Like "Big Gay Al" from Southpark? Patreon does (like Twitter) seems to be banning people for "association" with certain specific hate groups (that is, believed to believe in formal white supremacy).  It's about the person and his connections, not his content per se.

Update: Dec 8

There are stories to the effect that Milo was banned from Patreon one day after starting it because of his reported past association with Proud Boys (wiki). Mashable reports this here along with a letter.  It's disturbing that the email acknowledges that the action was taken for a past association and admits that Milo had disavowed the connection. While I am personally reluctant to characterize any group based on scattered news stories, the Wikipedia article is quite negative (and usually could be expected to be objective).  In the most extreme example imaginable, you would not allow someone who could be proven by credible evidence to have been a member of a true terror group as identified by FBI.  There is related material to the banning or Sargon on my main blog Dec. 8. 

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