Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Tibees: sample examination videos (start with Applied Mathematics)

Tibees has an interesting series of examinations, both entrance and typical course final exams in university level physics and mathematics, making up a YouTube "TV Channel".
Here’s a typical exam in “applied mathematics” where she works some of the problems.  Most of the problems involving proving some assertion in a specialized engineering setting.

I’m not sure that these questions vary a whole lot from the normal “mathematics” paradigm (algebra, analysis, topology).  Maybe it includes a little number theory and branches on physics.

More and more, it seems like university programs for stronger undergraduates these days involve very big honors projects that get published with normal peer review processes.  For example, it appears (from LinkedIn) that Jack Andraka will spend another year at Stanford for finish a bio-engineering project for a EE Master’s.  I don’t know much about it other than it is supposed to have uses in medicine (cancer therapies).  He just finished a Truman Scholar project over the summer in Sierra Leone regarding anthropology and exposure to infectious disease (Ebola, or, in the past, HIV). 
We’re waiting to find out more about Taylor Wilson’s work with fusion at the University of Nevada in Reno (I passed through there in September, and visited Stanford briefly on the same trip).
Nassim Nicholas Taleb (a EE professor at CUNY, I think) has been supporting his “skin in the game” theory with multiple Twitter threads of theoretical statistics problems (mostly calculus problems) regarding transferrable asymmetric risk. Insurance underwriters, you have been warned.  And students, his tweets make good exam preparation material.

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