Sunday, December 16, 2018

Timcast: "Lefty Millennial Media Companies Are Collapsing"

I think that “Timcast” (Tim Pool) “counts” as a quasi-cable program (on YouTube), and a very recent post from this weekend is good to mention now. “Lefty Millennial Media Companies Are Collapsing, Investors Pull Out.”
I will talk to my own account manager (Wells Fargo) soon about this.  My assets are not doing as well this year, even given volatility under Trump and China.
Pool analyzes a Washington Post story by Renae Merle and Thomas Heath, “New media hit stumbling block, scaring away some investors”.   Too much reliance on big social media is part of the problem, as these companies have their own content monitoring problems and privacy scandals.
Pool thinks that even Vox (a generally moderate site) has gone overboard to characterize (without enough evidence other than “associations”) some controversial pundits as “alt-right” and have encouraged a climate where “social justice warriors” scare tech companies into deplatforming them. 
Let me add, it is very disturbing people deplatformed for off-platform behavior (even Patreon’s “manifest observable behavior”) which generally can’t be proved but is often rumored. (De-platforming a convicted criminal would be OK, for example, because there is due process). 

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