Sunday, January 13, 2019

CNN "American Style": first two episodes, cover 1940-1979

CNN offered the first two one-hour episodes of “American Style” on Sunday Jan. 13, 2019.  The series is produced by Vox (the website).

The first episode focused on the 1940s and 1950s.

During WWII rationing was in place and actually limited the number of flaps and buttons on shirts. Hollywood was the only center of fashion in the US, which tended to imitate Europe.  Writing about fashion in New York was corporatized and formal.

When the War ended, women returned to the home, and fashion “American Wife” focused on this idea, how a wife would enhance her husband’s career.

The second episode focused on the 1960s and 1970s. Youth rebellions started and yet workplace dress remained formal with coats and ties (and IBM and EDS suits, and stocking garters).  Women’s bodies were intended to be alluring;  maleness was to stay out of sight. Yet by the early 1970s some informality came into men’s dress, with flared trousers.

Yet the episode mentions that some people in the 60s attracted attention to individuality.  Some women stopped shaving their legs and armpits; some men wore long hair (which drove my father crazy!)  
Carson Kressley, from the Fab 5, often narrates.
When he had his “Blogtyrant” business, Ramsay Taplan often used fashion blogs as examples. 

Update: Jan. 21

The last two episodes aired Jan. 20, with a lot of discussion of the Internet, leading to Obama's inauguration and the impact of a POC first lady.  Fashion blogging was taken for granted (as Blogtyrant used to promote). 

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