Monday, January 28, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris gives town hall in Oakland CA

Following her outdoor pep rally in Oakland CA Sunday, Senator Kamala Harris held a town hall on CNN Monday January 29. the first of the 2020 presidential campaign season. 
CNN has a new link for the event here
It was held at 10 PM EST on the east coast, like a west coast road game for the Washington Nationals.
Kamala would be the first POC woman as well as first woman president, although her appearance shows that race really is a social invention. She mentioned she has worked as a prosecutor. 
She made some strong statements.  She wants everyone in Congress to look at the autopsies of the children killed by gunfire at Sandy Hook.
She wants to end “for-profit” universities and make a massive fix to the college debt problem.
She hit the problems if wages not keeping up very hard, and wants to increase taxes on the high end, but maybe not as much as Ocasio-Cortez or Elizabeth Warren.
She avoided dog whistles and too much talk of race and intersectionality. But it’s clear that she regards some issues and incidents in the lens of the way people interpret them as having a racial implication.  That is how she would feel about Covington, although she didn’t explicitly mention it.
At one point she seemed to point to eliminating private health insurance.

The Federalist has an article calling her "authoritarian", especially over abolishing private health insurance. 

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