Monday, January 21, 2019

Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell weighs in on Gillette "toxic masculinity" campaign

Filmmaker Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell weighs in on the Gillette “toxic masculinity” commercial.

No matter that Ubanell is more or less the gay version of “Economic Invincibility” with an emphasis on physical and mental strength in his own life and what sounds like political libertarianism (although he works for, or at least has worked for, BuzzFeed; you can hunt down that video later to get an idea of how a media site like BuzzFeed works – Tim Pool, who used to work for Vice, has criticized companies like this for their rush to get sensational “click bait” to market, no laughing matter if you want to impeach a president).

Ubanell comments that companies now feel that they have to embed a social message in their ads.  That isn’t bad – a company can write about a major problem to sell products (imagine a company selling Faraday go bags talking about how careless we are about the power gird – and that actually matters on my Facebook pages.

His comment is well taken with respect to the way the corporate world feels compelled to reign in on not only hate speech as we normally understand it but even speech that is dismissive of claims of minority claims of group oppression. 

I love his little dog, but he strikes as someone cats would like. 

Here’s an article about the Gillette ad issue in “The Conversation”.

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