Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In pro sports, can a win be taken back because of a bad call, after the fact? Los Angeles Rams get tainted win in New Orleans

Kevin Patra has an op-ed on the NFL’s page on the “pass interference” call that wasn’t in the Rams-Saints game Sunday in New Orleans, here (ESPN video). 

The barndoor was open, but now the NFL says it will put in replays for pass interference next season. I didn’t know it wasn’t being done.

So now you wonder how much the Ram’s win means given that we can “prove” practically that the Saints would have won had the call been correct.  That does sound like an “ethics” problem.
Bookies are said to be getting refunds. 
That reminds me of situations in chess tournaments, where games can be forfeited on time or because of illegal moves, but actual results can never be reversed.  And many games are decided on last second blunders that happen under extreme pressure in play, almost to the point that it seems like chance. The five-second delay rule has recently been introduced in many tournaments to reduce time-influenced outcomes, but this causes games to take even longer.

Now the NFL is getting sued by New Orleans over the wrongful loss (sounds frivolous, NY Post story)

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