Saturday, January 05, 2019

"The Bobbitts: Love Hurts": ABC 2020 recalls a notorious case from 1993

Friday evening ABC 20-20 aired a two hour report “The Bobbitts: Love Hurts”, paywall link for viewing here
 I remember seeing the story in the Washington Times in 1993, a headline that a woman had cut off her husband’s private part. The documentary interviews John Bobbitt, who benefitted from a moderately successful re-attachment after police found the part after Lorena threw it away.

This story got attention from coworkers, and even my mother.

The narrative as to whether Lorena faces spousal abuse was a bit confusing.  But the documentary shows the trial where she was acquitted for insanity, and then released.  It helped start a women’s movement for marital abuse even then.
At the time of the story, I was focused on gays in the military.

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