Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Trump's address to the nation, and Democrat response; no declaration of emergency

Here is Trump’s address:

Some of it was more coherent than I expected.  He argues that individual Americans are put at unnecessary additional “Black Swan” risk, even if the overall rates of immigrant crime are lower than for native born Americans.
He did not declare a national emergency and made no mention of sponsorship.

He made an interesting point about gated communities (common for example in Dallas) and how they don't keep out people you hate, bur protect the people inside whom you love.
Here is the opposition response, Pelosi and Schumer.

Here is a detailed Fact Check from the New York Times. 
There will be another try for a deal Wednesday.  It may work this time.

Update: Jan. 9

No it didn't. It got worse.  Trumps stormed out of the meeting. So much for everyone's "manifest observable behavior". 

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