Sunday, January 20, 2019

Yogi Oabs takes on Economic Invincibility on the acceptable ways to carry on the MGTOW debate, even among conservative heterosexual men

Yogi Oabs takes “Economic Invincibility” to task over being called an “Indian”(?) in relation to the heterosexual MGTOW debate.

Yogi says he is a second-generation Indian-American, speaks with no accent (California).
He would be considered Caucasoid by anthropologists.  The whole race thing is totally irrelevant; he calls EI a “white guy” when Yogi himself has skin tone that is only a miniscule darker than EI’s  That is one reason that the whole POC idea is so arbitrary and ridiculous here.  (And that's another reason Harvard's admission policy is so wrong.) 

(Of course, the idea of Hispanic identity is totally separate from race, too;  there are plenty of YouTube "Latino" stars who look like they could have come from Northern Europe with the Vikings, who did settle Spain at one time.) 
He criticizes Prager U and Will Witt for the way they approach dating and race in one video. (I do wonder about the "Be a Man, Get Married" video.) 
He refers to the way some African-Americans use races as a “brand” and thinks its dangerous.

He calls feminism a “deep state” issue.
He also ventures into EI's coverage of a serial killer case, which was bizarre.

But he seems to be with EI that most professionals (himself included) should be very careful on how they brand themselves on social media, and some don't need to use it at all (outside LinkedIn). 
You can see that conservatives (and sometimes libertarians) are squabbling among themselves on how to draw the lines of acceptability.  Jordan Peterson has noted that.

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