Saturday, February 16, 2019

ABC 20-20: "Bundy"

ABC 2020 offers a video link for its 2-hour documentary Feb. 15, “Bundy”.

Bundy was the famous serial killer who was finally executed by electric chair in Florida in 1984.

He seems to have been very handsome and charismatic.  It’s a very upsetting narrative. You want to believe in a charismatic person. It’s not clear whether he was a psychopath or sociopath.

But he would plot abductions and killings over several states for one incident.  He escaped from prison at least once through a hole in a ceiling, having lost weight in order to act as a tunnel rat.

ABC has a sequence of videos numbered sequentially on YouTube.  Here is #1.

He even put himself through a law school.

How a man with talent could turn into pure evil, for no reason.  One of the worst of these cases in history.

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