Saturday, February 02, 2019

AC360 reports Trump could declare "National Security Emergency" in SOTU address Feb. 5, ten days early; then what happens?

AC360 on Friday night indicated that President Trump has indicated he may well declare a National Emergency Tuesday might, Feb 5, in the State of the Union address.

If so, that would occur ten days before the “deadline” for Congress to come up with funding for border security.
Peter Nicholas seemed to confirm this possibility in the Feb. 1 Wall Street Journal.  Mitch McConnell (“Leader”) has warned Trump not to do this.  There is also some fear that in the future a liberal Democratic president would overuse emergency powers based on Trump's precedent (like they really fear David Hogg use a time machine and become president in 2020 and confiscate everyone's guns by XO). 

Anderson Cooper showed a lot of contradictions within Trump’s statements. 
Trump seems to have doubled down on the use of the term “wall”, as if it were the Fenway Park Green Monster.  (“What a wall”, a friend in Ohio said back in 1956 when seeing it for the first time on RV for an Indians game in Boston.)

It’s impossible to make sense of all this, with Trump changing his statements all the time.
A high fence, where security can see through it, makes more sense, to me at least.  And if you need a wall of high fence at all, then it makes sense to but the barbed wire, even electrified, on top.  Warn people.  Do not attempt. Race has nothing to do with this, except by happenstance.
But, let’s buy the Democrats plan that high tech, drones, and even radiation detectors (which Taylor Wilson has said he has worked on) could provide more real security. It occurs to me that AC360 ought to interview Taylor on this matter, ASAP.  His lab is in Reno, at the University of Nevada.  I’ve driven past it.  Let’s not forget opioids and cocaine.
TheHill has an article in which it argues that Trump and the GOP need to drop the pun “wall”, but Trump’s authoritarian need to appease an aggrieved base gets in the way. 
Schumer explains why there is no plan to build the Wall on CNS.  
But there are other reports of homeowners along the border who do see undocumented people crossing their property but don’t see it as a problem.  If homeowners see this happening, then there is a problem indeed.  It’s as if the homeowners had their own kind of “Section 230”.

Democrats should budge on building or fixing physical barriers in some specific locations.  This just seems like common sense.  Eminent domain and compensation and relocation might happen in a few locations.

Whatever Trump says on Feb. 5, the Democrats will have a proper response.  Hopefully that precludes any statements that are too wild, but Trump has become unpredictable.
The idea of a “national emergency”, which many presidents have used gratuitously, is dangerous because there are other real emergencies that would pass muster.  The Internet is involved in a lot of this (see Book reviews Jan 5 for discussion of Atlantic article).  Just today, CNN discussed the whole problem of “Deepfake” videos (International Issues video today).

Update: Jan 3

Here is a transcript of Margaret Brennan's interview with Trump on Face the Nation on CBS. Trump would discourage his own youngest son Barron from playing football because of the concussion issue. Interesting. 

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