Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Donald Trump's belated 2019 SOTU

Here is President Donald Trump’s full State of the Union address and Democratic rebuttal on Fox News.

The speech took 90 minutes and was slow and meandering.  He did not declare a national emergency.
Although he declared a caravan threatening the border, he did not go into confrontation as much as feared.   He continued his usual picture of crime committed by undocumented immigrants, which happens but is statistically less likely than crime from native-born Americans.

He spent some time claiming to have averted a war with North Korea and talking about the next summit.

He made some “feel good” promises to tackled HIV and childhood cancer and made a plug for St. Jude’s Hospital.

He presented a policeman who had survive the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, and also a member celebrating a birthday.
He addressed the late-term abortion issue in rather exaggerated and misleading terms. 

He offered paid-family leave but spoke only one sentence on pre-existing conditions. 
His quip about socialism was called "dog whistle politics". 

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