Wednesday, February 13, 2019

"EI" gives his ruling on the border controversy (Trump v Pelosi)

Economic Invincibility weighs in on the “agreement in principle” on the border security issue, to avoid a second shutdown, two days before a critical vote.

Shutting down the government accomplished nothing, he argues.

Martin takes Trump to task for acting like a businessman, which surprises me a bit.  Trump’s not getting what he wants (hence the orange baby balloon).

He says there is no basis for a “national emergency” – other than Jared Kushner’s not being as pretty as in the past.

Martin would have gotten border security to work without much trouble.  Let’s lower the minimum age for the presidency.

You don’t see Martin himself (or his Robe, like from the 1953 Cinemascope Fox movie) in his videos now.
There are plenty of op-eds out there from the Left claiming that the “Wall” is just race baiting, still.

Picture: Pharr, TX border crossing, my trip, May 30, 2018

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