Friday, February 08, 2019

John Fish: "The Meaning of Life", and how to make really good videos

John Fish talks about “The Meaning of Life”, starting his video looking at the Charles River from Cambridge near Harvard.


Well, he is refreshing to look at right after you know who giving SOTU.  Kids from Canada seem a lot better adjusted than American kids.

He does get into the issue of wasting time on social media, which he’s talked about before (that Jaron Lanier thing).  He also talks about the echo chamber problem.

He has another video on how he makes his videos, which is very helpful to anyone else thinking about starting a video channel or making a micro short film.  One thing – when you find music for your video, it needs to be licensed (content-id), unless you compose your own.  I do have a GoPro but found it a pain.  A simple Canon and iPhone works for my simple stuff.  But his gear (and editing on FinalCut Pro) is probably good enough for a "DC Shorts" type of film festival. David Hogg could be good competition. 

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