Monday, February 04, 2019

Maroon 5 "disfigures" the Super Bowl Halftime show on CBS

I did take a “Sunday night off” from politics and watched the Super Bowl on CBS, played at the Mercedez-Benz stadium in downtown Atlanta, and it did look like a space station (or maybe the inside of an O'Neill Cylinder, where artificial gravity would mess with any football game, especially passes and field goal kicks).  The 13-3 win by the New England Patriots over the Los Angeles Raiders marked the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history??  I seem to remember listening to it on the radio in 1969 when I was at Fort Eustis in the days of Joe Namath.  Tom Brady proved that for some men, age 41 is still youth.
A Raiders win would have been tainted because of the bad call in the game with the Saints two weeks ago in New Orleans.
But it was the half-time show that got my attention.  It was sponsored by Pepsi, one of Atlanta’s biggest companies. 

The meteor shower attack was spectacular enough, but it was the group Maroon 5 that led to some controversy. But 39-year-old rapper Adam Levine caught the eye as he stripped, his artificially and necessarily hairless body covered with body art.  The young women loved it.  I hate to admit it, but how body art looks does vary with skin color. This seemed to be an entirely heterosexual thing, but I hope it doesn’t suddenly become a trend in gay discos.  YouTube gay videos have a lot of tattooed men, but this is not that common in real life.

Ford Fischer and News2Share have numerous videos of the partying outside the stadium after the game, for example this.  He also has a photo gallery, and some of the behavior outdoors was homoerotic. 

Note this Washington Post Sunday Outlook piece "Beyond the game" (by Martellus Bennett) about role models -- but it uses the term "black boys" in the subtitle in an insulting and racist manner common from the 80.  The author gets away with using that term, I couldn't.  

Stadium roof animation is here

Wikipedia attribution link for stadium by CCSA 3.0, refers to the video just cited.  Second picture is from the 2004 gay pride parade in downtown Atlanta on Peachtree in June. 

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