Sunday, February 03, 2019

"The FTC Complaint": Sargon of Akkad interviews YouTuberLaw

Here is a 25-minute interview ("The FTC Complaint: Patreon Purge #9") by Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) of YouTuberLaw (Lior Lesig) on the progress of the FTC complaint that Lior is working on, regarding possible collusion among payment processors and other platforms leading to the banning of some high profiles YouTube channels from Patreon.

There is some discussion of how SubscribeStar, a previously unknown company, got cut off so quickly when some Patreon persons tried to move to it.  That’s like Gab being banned by various registrars or hosts because of its supposed reputation of having many alt-right speakers on it.
However it is possible for there to have been parallel actions, or companies copying one another.

So far the problem seems limited to patronage donations, not to actual subscriptions (or paywalls).

But many channels don’t ask for patronage and simply make some money off ads. They don’t seem to be affected.  Some channels sell self-designed merchandise.  

The video is remarkable because Lior is asking for volunteers to assist.  This could be interesting to me. 
It’s hard to “volunteer” into basic services (like food banks) when I don’t have a lot of social contact with those in need.  So this sounds like a more legitimate opportunity.

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