Thursday, February 28, 2019

Timcast discusses the Project Veritas report on Facebook censorship of conservatives

Tim Pool (Timcast and Timcastnews) has detailed video broadcast Wednesday about the Project Veritas report on Facebook’s deranking of apparently conservative content.

There was a report from an employee who was fired.

There are superficial attempts to identify “trolls”, such as meme vocabulary, and an attempt to “red-pill” others with seductive arguments.

Pool goes on to talk about the development of “parallel economies” or “parallel society” since some people (extremists) are being shunned not only by payment processors for collecting subscription or patronage, but in at least one very visible case, a personal checking account.

Pool feels that some people could be shut out of the banking system altogether and be forced to develop parallel economies (which would use cryptocurrencies).

Pool also believes that this development could preview actual civil conflict.

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