Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Elizabeth leaves no surprises in her Town Hall: eliminate the Electoral College, do a wealth tax

Elizabeth Warren directed a spirited Town Hall on Monday night March 18, 2019.

The event was held in Jackson MS, which I have visited myself only once in 1985 (I was drove to Philadelphia, where the 1964 Civil Rights tragedy happened, and then up the Nachez Trace Parkway.)

Verona Rocha and Brian Ries write this up on CNN, link.

In this clip, Warren talks about voter suppression, and the fact that it is harder to enforce voting laws in states like Mississippi which is not a swing state (although author John Grisham lives and works there).

She also endorced a constitutional amendment getting rid of the Electoral College. Tim Pool weighs in.

Along those lines, there was talk on Twitter Tuesday morning as to whether the US Senate would become a “House of Lords”.

She also defended her wealth tax, as an extension of the normal idea of a real property tax (and sometimes personal), for 2% a year for wealth in excess of 50 million.  She claims that could pay for everything.

She answered a resounding yes to the idea of taking down Confederate statutes on US land (what about the Lee mansion above Arlington Cemetery?)

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