Sunday, March 31, 2019

Maza explains how we thought we had it made with free speech on Twitter until 2015; then it blew up

Carlos Maza, in November 2017, did a Strikethrough, “Harassment Is Killing Twitter’s Free Speech Experiment”.

Most of us have already forgotten that Twitter tried to be a neutral free speech platform from 2009-2015.  Remember around 2007 when Ashton Kutcher demonstrated how great Twitter was?  Remember the Arab Spring in 2011?

This all started to unravel, roughly maybe around 2014 as ISIS exploded and the migrant crisis in Europe developed.  Actually, it wasn’t just ISIS, it was Assad, and a lot of complicated maneuvers by dictators to take over and leverage social media.

An end result was that increase in harassment by trolls and extremists increased. When Twitter started banning people, they went to Gab.

And now, as we see with the recent Copyright Directive in Europe, a situation where the idea of free speech by users (where the platforms make the profits) is coming under increased scrutiny, and the youngest generation seems no longer as interested in the idea of individualized self-expression.

Maza doesn't need the tattoos. 

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