Sunday, March 24, 2019

NBC Today presents student who graduated college in physics at 14

Carson Huey-You is presented on an NBC Today show segment in May 2017.

He graduated from Texas Christian University in quantum physics at age 14 and his 11 year old brother is starting as an undergraduate. Jacob Rascon reported.

He was home-schooled and then went to a private school for gifted children.  He reports interacting with animals at home, which is very good for children's communications kills. (I'm reminded of another video where a teenage boy communicates with a bobcat.) 

This is one of the most striking stories of giftedness I have ever encountered, matching narratives of both Andraka brothers as well as (Davidson Academy, Reno) Taylor Wilson (and Mark Zuckerberg).
TCU is a private (sectarian) university located in Fort Worth, TX.

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