Friday, March 29, 2019

News2Share channel shows angry protest from far right regarding gun control in Ohio ("We Will Not Comply")

Ford Fischer traveled to Columbus, Ohio Thursday (March 28) to film demonstrations by the far right (“We Will Not Comply”) on recent gun control legislation, countered by some counterprotesters from the Left, possibly Antifa.

The state of Ohio had misworded a law which could have led to much more stringent regulation.
But some of the demonstrators object to the idea of background checks and waiting periods, to protect people from others’ potential misdeeds rather than their own. 

Ford now says Facebook demonitized this video, based on an algorithm, of how it processed a lawful protest. This video does not encourage anyone to break the wall or purchase weapons; it shows the how some people feel about certain individual rights.  This is a meta-content problem. 
Generally, background checks and assault weapons bans have been the demands of the “March for our Lives” movement from Parkland (David Hogg and others).

Trump has enacted a bump stock ban, making possession of them illegal now (Supreme Court lets it stand). 

Ford also shared some mire of his own footage from Charlottesville in August 2017 on Twitter through “Now This”.  “Blood and soil”????  He is a political documentary filmmaker to watch, I think he’ll be in the film festival circuit soon.

Picture: Mt Vernon, Ohio, mine, 2012 

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