Saturday, March 09, 2019

"The Good Doctor": Shaun gets fired

I wanted to mention the most recent episode of “The Good Doctor”, called “Breakdown” on Monday March 4.

Shaun has apparently been transferred to pathology because of previous social problems.  Dr. Glassman has made a surprising recovery from his brain tumor with chemotherapy and is in apparent remission.

Shaun finds that a mother accused of abuse of a child (shaken baby syndrome) really had an unusual medical issue giving birth responsible for the baby’s problems. Shaun also helps the team by remote advice remove a massive tumor from another patient.

But in the last scene  Shaun repeatedly screams “I am a surgeon” at Han and winds up getting fired and being escorted by security.  So what will happen to Shaun now?  There is one more episode this winter.

Update: Wednesday, March 13

On Monday March 11 the season finale "Trampoline" gets weird and depends on coincidence. Shaun skips another pathology job interview and gets drunk, annoying a bar patron  Zack who attacks him. Bpth are injured in the scuffle.  But Zack seems to have an unknown aneurysm which Shaun diagnoses while unconscious and communicates telepathically.  Shaun winds up getting his job back.  But how we think Shaun (like Clark Kent) is an alien, although a very benevolent one.
Freddie Highmore appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.

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