Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Timcast with Joey Salads in Los Angeles; then a Joe Rogan podcast with Twitter executives on de-platforming

Tim Pool, while in Los Angeles this week, interviewed Ft. Joey Salads, who admits he made clickbait leftist videos in 2016, trying to benefit from the hatred of Trump, to make good money, but admits it was fake news passing as journalism.

The video (30 minutes) is called “Far Left Activists Have DESTROYED Journalism from Within.”

Salads says many websites are still out there using fake news to perpetrate “radical leftism”. The irony is that “social Marxism” would frown on and try to shut down this kind of loner exploitation to make money while actually ignoring the needs of others.

Salads says he could see “Smollett” coming.  Likewise Covington.  Later (at 17:00) Pool describes a story made up about him.

Owners of media companies say “rage makes money” even though personally the corporate management are not that extreme.

Then we wind up with the Church of Jack Dorsey.

Pool criticized Out magazine for calling the Trump administration’s plan to take on anti-gay laws in developing countries an indirect “racist” tactic.

I’ll pass along the URL for (Square) Joe Rogan’s podcast with Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde, and Tim Pool (3+ hours).  The first incident discusses was the social media ban of someone (an advocate of a carnivore diet and anti-vegan) for showing animal wildlife violence as violent behavior, which sometimes comes from an algorithm.

Vijaya says they do not try to police misinformation unless there is real harm to the public (anti-vaxx is possible).  She also said that rules are conduct based and not content based.  So the deadnaming or misgendering of trans people is seen as abusive behavior.  Pool says he was threatened in Berkeley and in Venezuela (not surprising given communism);  some of the people who abused persons associated with Covington; these didn’t result in Twitter suspensions.  She says doxing of names is not private, but home addresses and phone is considered abusive behavior. . (Look at around 15:24).  Dorsey, at about 18:30, says that doxing can be faked in gamer accounts. There was a bizarre reference to the movie Fargo in one dox. There is some disturbing content about Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones at about 22:00.

The discussion continues on Wordpress here.

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