Saturday, April 20, 2019

"Chasing Life": Sanjay Gupta visits Bolivia to learn how to adopt to high altitude, and then learn about a heart-healthy lowland tribe

Tonight, on “Chasing Life”, Dr, Sanjay Gupta of CNN traveled to La Paz, Bolivia and adapted to the altitude. 

He took a full stress test with electrodes on his chest at 13,500 feet and then a special test to simulate 20000 feet, where a soccer match was played.
He visited a higher village, El Alto.

He found that high altitude life generally made the people living there healthy. There are special tea leaves and plants that seem to help open their coronary arteries.

Then he visited a village in the lowland, where the people have unusually healthy hearts.  They are active, taking 17000 steps a day compared to our 5000, eat no processed foods, and their constant low-level exposure to parasites and bacteria keep their immune systems occupied and prevent the inflammation of coronary arteries from autoimmunity.

Wikipedia attribution link for La Paz picture, CCSA 4.0. 

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