Saturday, April 06, 2019

"Days of our Lives" resurrects a mean Trump meme

Days of our Lives” has gone off on tangents indeed.  Now Will is a victim of an “Evil Eye” (an alternate body for Leo Stark) in a bizarre gay love triangle and passes out – and is held for more tests.  His white count is up.  Hope this isn’t something like leukemia.

Then there is the illegal alien, who has been JJ’s girl friend for a while.  JJ was in danger of prosecution or giving assistance to an undocumented person, which is a real risk sometimes in housing or assisting someone unless you work through an organization that knows what it is doing.  This could be a real issue now with LGBT asylum seekers.

Yesterday, the character was confronted at a party, with the female mob chanting “send her back”, sounding like a rewrite of “lock her up”.  Trump has suddenly invaded the soap opera world.

April 10:

Will has a brain tumor, it seems. 

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