Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The David Pakman Show: some Americans just aren't smart enough?

OK, time to put David Pakman on this blog. Pakman looks like a teenager but is 35, so he can declare himself as a Democratic candidate for president if he wants.  (He was born in Argentina and raised here, according to Wikipedia, and naturalized. It looks like constitutionally speaking, he can't run. A lot of my favorite people weren't born in the U.S.) 

He’s pretty blunt.  Many Americans are not cognitively capable of seeing through Donald Trump.
Or, is this video just globalist-liberal elitism?   Martin Goldberg (“Economic Invincibility”) would find a more circuitous way to say this.

He’s right, that being educated has become smeared.  Is this about tribalism? (as per Sebastian Junger).  About “paying your dues”?  

Some people have street smarts.  Trump even did an “Apprenctice” episode on that theme.
Also, a brief announcement to make somewhere.  David Hogg will start a podcast called "Hogg Wash" on Instagram Friday April 7.  Check his Twitter.  I'd rather see a YouTube livestream. Pakman should interview him. 

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