Thursday, April 18, 2019

Timcast livestream on lawsuit by Covington family for Lincoln Memorial libel

On Feb. 19, Tim Pool did a live stream chat “Covington Student Sues Washington Post for $250M”, which about what the paper is worth.

Later the student (Nicholas Sandmann) or his family sued CNN also.

Pool notes that relatively few people on Sunday morning Jan. 20 started to question the conventional narrative on social media, and a few contacted Tim.

I questioned two people on Facebook who had blindly criticized the kids.  It struck me that Nicholas’s standing motionless was a typical reaction from a more mature teenager to defuse a situation. I know a couple teens whom I’ve seen behave this way when suddenly confronted with something inappropriate.  Oddly, the Timcast reports that Nick had never been away from home by himself (with a group) before (at age 16).  I seem to remember this in seventh grade (12), going to Williamsburg (from northern VA). 
At about the 58 minute mark Tim talks about how he is commissioning videos on news stories, even from “skilled amateurs”.

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