Sunday, April 14, 2019

"Tricky Dick Part 4": the resignation

Sunday night April 14 CNN concluded the series “Tricky Dick” with Part 4, covering his landslide victory in 1972 and inauguration on a cold day (we had very little snow that winter).

Nixon would announce a Vietnam peace agreement five days later and would soon end the draft.

But Watergate developed very quickly, leading to the Saturday night massacre in October, and the resignation on August 9, 1974.  It was at the farewell speech Friday morning that Nixon mused about hating others.

I would start working for NBC on August 12, 1974 and soon move into Manhattan from New Jersey. 

AC360 held a special after the program and interviewed Woodward and Bernstein, going back to the time they expected impeachment.

Nixon is said to have wanted to reverse many of his “liberal” programs including price controls in his second term.

Although he made some progress with Civil Rights he is said to have harbored “racist” attitudes.
He never reacted to Stonewall.

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