Friday, April 12, 2019

"Your Biggest Fan" on ABC 20-20: the murder of Rebecca Schaeffer, leading to anti-stalking laws

Your Biggest Fan”, about the 1989 murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer by a fan, aired on ABC 2020 tonight as a two hour documentary, best link here

Good Housekeeping (remember that “women’s magazine” from the 50s) has a detailed story of the incident, where a “fan”, Robert Bardo, hired a private investigator to search public records for her address, eventually went there and shot her. 

That led to anti-stalking laws, before gun control became a more serious issue.

Bardo would be sentenced to life without parole.  Marcia Clark (later with the OJ case) would be a prosecutor.  He was said later to have psychiatric issues as well as a narcissistic personality disorder. He has remorse now.

The episode presented a few other stalking attempts that were turned back by security at events.

In the Internet age, some younger celebrities (especially men) are more likely to be open to corresponding with the public on social media, especially Twitter.   In recent months, some of these men have pulled back from social media, given all the problems,

That sounds good, but there is a socially negative side to it.  Some people will prefer pseudo-relationships ("orbits") with people they see as accomplished rather than real-life relationships with people whom they see as less “worthy” for “life points”.

YouTube celebrities are more approachable than “establishment media” celebrities.

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