Sunday, May 05, 2019

"Chasing Life": Norway, with Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta narrated an episode of “Chasing Life”, about Norway, much of it filmed in the Arctic town of Tromso.

The broadcast covered seasonal affective disorder for the long polar nights.
It also covered the happiness of the people.

I visited Norway for a week in late July, early Aug. of 1972.  I visited a family in Oslo whom I knew from FBC;  there was a heat wave and no air conditioning.

I then took the train to Bergen, and then another train to Trondheim, where I made a friend of sorts. I took a train to Bodo (crossing the arctic circle) and connected to a bus to Narvik.  The next day I took the train into Sweden and spent a night in Kiruna.  I went to a hotel for dinner and a man tried to pick me up, six months before I would “come out”. I took the train back to Stockholm and met another person who lived in Montreal with whom I would correspond a while.
The last part of the episode showed how kids are raised to be outdoors a lot, and way from too much tech. 

Update: May 12

On May 11, Gupta covered Italy, especially Sardinia, with emphasis on the cooking with ingredients and natural olive oils, and the lack of processed foods, as contributing to long life spans. 

Picture from Oslo-Bergen line.  I had lunch here. 
By ChrisO at English Wikipedia - Own work (Original text: Image by ChrisO), CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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