Wednesday, May 01, 2019

"Economic Invincibility" discusses the non-importance of measures of online popularity

For May Day, I thought I would share one of Dr. Martin Goldberg’s vignettes of wisdom, “Where Are My Subscribers?

“Economic Invincibility” here talks about the preoccupation that many vloggers have concerning subscriber counts, and he also touches on the issue of needing income from your content for a living.  

 He implies he doesn’t and that the channel might not last forever (is he planning to run for office?)
Perhaps his concern is partly motivate by the furor over PewDiePie and Felix’s “apology”.

A YouTube video shows the number of views, likes, and comments. (There is some controversy about Instagram, by comparison now.) A blog post normally does not (except for the comments). Blogger has the concept of "follower" but this has become less important over time as YouTube channels have overtaken them in importance (since about 2013 or so). And YouTube, as we know, is now coming under question by Wall Street as it has had to become much more "woke" in its monitoring of content and ad-friendliness. 

But he says showing subscribers would be a distraction, and he wants viewers to focus on the ideas he expresses, not on his own popularity.  He did mention the click-bait issue, which Tim Pool has often talked about.

Given the sustainability of the whole “user generated content creation” business, I have concerns about both sides of this argument, as I have said before.  There are many "analytics"  measures of customer engagement that tech companies could use to evaluate and possibly weed out some speakers over time. 

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