Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Harvard removes law professor as dean for representing Harvey Weinstein (Reason TV)

Harvard recently fired a residence hall dean, law professor Ronald Sullivan and his wife, because the professor took on Harvey Weinstein as a client.  The mob called itself “Harvard Can Do Better”.
John Stossel interviews Alan Dershowitz.  John Stossel interviews law professor Alan Dershowitz ib respect for due process. 

Dershowitz argues that we have allowed the radical Left to turn society into the “oppression Olympics”. You have to belong to an oppressed group or tribe to get anywhere.

If I had to call myself a victim to succeed in life, I would just be a loser.

I wonder if Harvard undergrad John Fish, who just finished his sophomore year and who has an impressive video channel himself at 19 and is learning how to start and run little businesses already and make real money on his own, will take this one up.  It’s a hot potato.  Fish rarely talks about partisan politics (he is Canadian) but he has talked about polarization and about the problems of the Internet’s “attention currency”. 

Tim Pool (Subverse) will surely pick up this story and say it is more evidence “we are living in hell”.
Every day I learn something more outrageous that the regressive Left has gotten away with.

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