Saturday, May 25, 2019

"One Night in Central Park" on ABC 20-20 revisits "The Central Park Five"

On Friday, May 24, 2019, ABC 2020 aired the documentary “One Night in Central Park”, link here
The film is a retelling of Sony’s “The Central Park Five” with Ken Burns.  This film has the narrative style of an HBO documentary.

The narrative presents the continuous viewpoint of the victim, Trisha Meili, who has raped and beaten close to death and left in a ravine on April 19, 1989.  She had a broken eye socket and almost lost the eye.  She had been working on Wall Street.

Police arrested five young black men quickly and later it turned out their confessions were coerced. The incident occurred in a time of hidden racial tensions in the City. Mayor Giuiliani would lower the crime rate in the 1990s with vigorous law enforcement.

Later, a convicted serial rapist in prison for life in upstate New York would admit to the crime, and the City would have to make wrongful conviction settlements.

Trump has drawn criticism for his ill-informed praise of the way the City handled the original case.

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