Monday, May 06, 2019

"The Redemption Project" looks at forgiveness after a catastrophic DUI accident in Louisiana

Van Jones’s episode #2 of CNN’s “The Redemption Project” presented a family with a young woman whose life was essentially taken away from her in Louisiana in May 2008 by a female drunk driver who had three times the legal limit of alcohol, link
The young woman was in a wheel chair, had severe speech impediment and reportedly cognitive effects from the severe head injuries in the wreck.

The woman guilty of the crime woke up in a hospital and didn’t know what she had done.  Her mother had to tell her.  She would serve seven years of a ten year prison sentence.

But, through a professional mediator, the families arranged to meet.

The mother of the injured young woman said, “this isn’t her” and that her life had started over with new identity.

This episode goes beyond the usual spiritual idea of forgiveness.  It challenges whether you can retain a relationship with someone who has such a catastrophe imposed by wrong from others, whose original identity is taken from her.

Update: May 12

Van Jones covered a redemption from a gang slaying in Chicago, video

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