Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tim Pool's skateboarding video, "Explaining the Secret of My Success"

I must admit, Tim Pool has been in the news the past few days, with his announcement, and I’ll make a pitch shortly, but I honestly thought his little short film about skateboarding belongs here.

Apparently he ordered a miniramp kit from a specialized manufacturing company and assembled it in his back yard with the help of some friends.  I think this is somewhere in southern New Jersey.  Well, my very first job in 1970 had me working at the RCA plant in Cherry Hill, so I remember the area.
The video is called “Explaining the Secret to My Success.”  Call this anti-fragility, as Jonathan Haidt and Nassim Nicholas Taleb (“Skin in the Game”) explain the concepts.  Skateboarding is good for that.  I think that Daniel Gruss, the computer science professor in Austria who broke Intel, skates.
Pool has also explained that guitar playing forces you to develop calluses to protect your fingers.

Shaun White, of course, is the best known – I’ve had him on this blog before – he was born with a tetralogy of fallot and recovered with surgery – same as Jimmy Kimmel’s son. 

As for Haidt’s concept, both David Hogg and Nicholas Sandmann, as teens, demonstrate anti-fragility. Politics has nothing to do with it. But if a political enemy attacks them, they fight back and get stronger.

In 2002, young Minneapolis filmmaker Shane Nelson made “A Film in Three Parts”, about extreme shorts, especially skateboarding on narrow stairway railings.

Pictures:  Lake in Hightstown NJ, 2010; In 1970,  I had my first apartment in nearby New Windsor, at the time called the Princeton Arms, off NJ 571. Second: Minneapolis from an airplane. 

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