Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Vox offers three-part documentary series on the Israeli Settlements on the West Bank (and East Jerusalem)

Ezra Klein explains “Settlements” in a two part video (18 min), “Why the Israeli settlements don’t feel like a conflict zone”, video by Johnny Harris.

That’s a change from the original settling after the 1967 war.  In Part 1, Klein explains the Oslo Accords, and the three Zones (A, B. and C, 60%).

There is a third video that explains settlers taking over East Jerusalem, one house at a time, by buying homes as they become available, and then forcing residents to accept settlement culture.

Libertarians have often criticized the settlements as immoral taking or property, but it gets more complicated, as the videos show.
Wikipedia attribution link for West Bank demonstration picture CCSA 3.0 

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