Friday, June 14, 2019

CNN: "Woman of Mystery: Melania Trump"

Tonight, CNN aired “Woman of Mystery: Melania Trump”. 

This isn’t exactly a Daphne du Maurier mystery.

But Melania was always at odds with her husband, wanting to talk about stopping cyberbullying before she even became first lady.

She does not seek publicity all the time, and she doesn’t always try to set an example for other women, as on their health, as have other first ladies.

The episode reminded me of how Donald Trump ran his “Apprentice” episodes, much more logically than he has his job in the White House.  Charitable events were run reasonably well, with no hint of partisanship.
The episode also showed a memorable moment in the 2016 Republican primaries, when Trump still had many opponents, and did not get a big applause.  

No, I haven't been invited to Mar a Lago. 

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