Monday, June 03, 2019

"United Shades" visits Salt Lake City during its LGBTQ+ Pride Month

W Kamau Bell aired an episode from Salt Lake City on his “United Shades of America” on CNN Sunday, June 2, here.

Bell covered the partial (at least) turnaround on the attitude of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on LGBTQ persons and homosexuality and gender fluidity or variation.

He visited gay businesses and artists, and interviewed people who had left the Church.  Ten years ago, the Church was urging members to support Proposition 8 in California.  (See “8: The Mormon Proposition”, Movie reviews, June 20, 2010). 

Bell then explains how the gay community has split into many other components, which are often so diverse that conventional ideas of intersectionality don’t work.  He invents the term “LGBTQ+”.

He also covered the Mormon church’s ending of rules banning baptism of same-sex parent couples and excommunicating gays.

The theological structure of the church allows the lead prophet to have “revelations”.  But Mormons believe that the family transcends life into afterlives, and non-reproductive sexuality undermines popular confidence and satisfaction with that belief. Homophobia is often about the confidence of heterosexuals in their own performance in marriage.  

Actor and filmmaker Reid Ewing lived in Salt Lake City for the past several years as he finished college, but I’m not sure if he has returned to LA.  There were videos from his home which appeared to be on a high hill NE of downtown, overlooking the city and Salt Lake, often in snow, maybe at about 6000 feet.

Bell also mentioned the HBO film “Believers” which is available today to watch online.  I will do so.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture by KinkyLipids of Salt Lake Pride, CCSA 3.0 

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