Thursday, July 02, 2020

Luke Korns visited Hong Kong (in early 2019) when politics wasn't a problem

Montane Mansion Quarry Bay.B

“I Traveled Alone for the First Time” (Hong Kong) by Luke Korns, in Feb. 2019.

I watched this yesterday and commented that Luke made this trip outside the span of protests (from Umbrella to Extradition controversy) and Covid (a year later).

He would later tweet that YouTube is no longer fun like it had been in 2015.  Inequality, instability, race issues, and pandemics, and Trumpost polarization have ruined it all. 

And his model for videos seems to be all or largely travel.  They are indeed a lot of fun.  But his investigation of the dark web and stolen personal information was interesting.

Remember Edward Snowden stayed in Hong Kong in 2013. 

Wikipedia picture of Hong Kong tenement (click for attribution) 

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Pakman: Trump reported pondering about dropping out of 2020 (who then, Pence?)

Martha's Vineyard Cottages

David Pakman is reporting “Insiders: Trump ‘Fragile’, May Drop Out”

My immediate reaction is to ask, who would become the nominees?

Pence?  Maybe somebody reasonable like Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan?  Maybe libertarian leading Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who excoriated the experts on coronavirus?

David broadcasts, when on vacation, from Martha’s Vineyard, which is rather inconvenient for me (you need a ferry and you need to stay a while).

Pictures: Martha’s Vineyard cottages, click for attribution, Wikipedia

Sunday, June 28, 2020

CNN: "Trump and the Law after Impeachment"


Trump and the Law after Impeachment”, on CNN with Jake Tapper (press release).

There is no reason here to repeat the histories of Flynn (“lock her up”) and Stone.

But the impeachment (which was heavily criticized as poorly conceived legally) and the trial were a sideshow in December and January, with the formal acquittal vote in the Senate February 5, 2020 (a day I took election officer training). 

Yet ominous stories about the coronavirus were already circulating by then, including the likelihood of asymptomatic transmission, although there were few cases in the US then.  Later we would learn of a death Feb. 6.

The documentary talks about Trump’s authoritarian handling of the press with frivolous lawsuits or bullying of the press.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

David Pakman: "Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Aren't the Problem", but even the radical Left no longer claims they are

OK, David Pakman opines that “Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates aren’t really the problem.”

Pakman instead lists a number of predatory industries, like bail bonds, payday lending, and most financial products, including now CLO’s, as well as subprime mortgages.  He particularly singles out debt collectors, and I worked for one in the summer of 2003 in Minnesota.

I was repeatedly approached with unsolicited phone calls to work for some of these back in the 2000’s when with Mom, in retirement.   

Yet, the Left used to be preoccupied with inherited and wealth earned without labor, by capitalism.  Now they are obsessed with racial identarianism.

Monday, June 22, 2020

"Building Black Holes in a Lab" by PBS Space Time


The interesting idea about analog black holes is that maybe theoretically, a virus (like a spike) could contain one, and transmit a lot more information this way and become virulent in ways unimaginable, even with the novel coronavirus.  But so far, science fiction theater.

Matt O’Dowd, “Building Black Holes in a Lab”, for PBS Space Time (UK).

No, this isn’t Taylor Wilson making a fusion reactor in his garage.

It’s actually taking fluid mechanics and building vortices with “schwarzchild radii” 

He can even simulate Hawking radiation.  Now, if you can store a person’s consciousness on the surface of a black hole, it might deteriorate as Hawking Radiation over time.

The interesting idea about analog black holes is that maybe theoretically, a virus (like a spike) could contain one, and transmit a lot more information this way and become virulent in ways unimaginable, even with the novel coronavirus.  But so far, science fiction theater.

Wikipedia attribution, click on image, for gravitational lens in article on Black Holes. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

ABC Special Report: Interview of John Bolton by Martha Raddatz

Here is the transcript of Martha Raddatz’s interview with former Ambassador and National Security Adviser John Bolton on ABC 2020 on Sunday June 21, 2020 at 9 PM (one hour). 

Bolton said that this White House was not like that of any other president.’

The interview paid considerable attention to the sequence with Kim Jong Un, leading to the summit in Singapore and later with Trump’s stepping in to North Korean territory, the first president to ever do so.

Bolton did not get into the narrow miss for war with North Korea at the end of February 2018 in the show.  

But David Pakman discussed that in a video about Bolton's book today. 

It's bizarre that Trump doesn't know that Finland is separate from Russia -- a big deal in my novel manuscript. 

Kim Jung Un played Trump like someone in a lonely hearts club, while continuing his dangerous missile and nuclear weapons development program.

Bolton did not sound as hardline as I thought.  He said he would write in a conservative Republican in the 2020 election.

A federal judge has denied an injunction to stop the publication of Bolton’s book “The Room Where It Happened”, but other litigation could deny Bolton income from the book  (see my Books blog, Jan. 27, 2020).

Friday, June 19, 2020

ABC airs "Juneteenth: A Celebration of Overcoming"


ABC News offered a Friday night special (no, not Saturday, unfortunate pun), “Juneteenth: A Celebration of Overcoming”.

Here is a detailed explanation of the day (related to Texas), and there are proposals to make it another federal holiday, like another MLK Day of Service. 

I like the idea of overcoming, but I see that as an individual, not a group experience.

The documentary explained the 2013 Supreme Court decision Shelby Counter v. Holder, which had the practical effect of making it harder for some blacks to vote.  The documentary showed people (black) waiting in line for hours to vote in Georgia.

It then showed the Greenwood section of Tulsa, OK, the “Black Wall Street” which was burned to the ground, with almost 300 fatalities, in 1921 by white supremacists who feared “competition”.  (This ought to be covered in Gode Davis’s “American Lynching”.

I was in Oklahoma City and points SW in June 2018 but didn’t get to Tulsa.  I visited Tulsa and the ORU campus in the summer of 2005.

Picture, embed from Wikipedia, Library of Congress, public domain, click for attribution