Friday, February 14, 2020

"This Photo Triggered China's Cultural Revolution", from Vox Darkroom

Vox Darkroom has an interesting video “This Photo Triggered China’s Cultural Revolution”.

It's a black and white image of Mao Tedong swimming in the Yangzte river in 1966.

After the Soviet Union went through “De-Stalinization”, China was looking for a new identity after its famine as Red China was founded in 1949.
Mao started the Great Leap Forward with massive collective work camps, which lost steam.  “The Swim” photo led to a resurgence of collective experience with the Cultural Revolution, which was a punitive step to re-educate the bourgeois elites, one of the most punitive in history (except for Pol Pot).   

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Timcast: YouTube removed a video where a United States Senator names the whistleblower in public

Timcast explains how YouTube removed a CSPAN video where Rand Paul named the alleged whistleblower.
Pool says he talked to YouTube and was told that the name is still not considered legally relevant as newsworthy, even if a United States Senator named him.
Yet the name is mentioned all over the place in the media (mostly conservative media, although the Washington Examiner is pretty centrist and is definitely not extreme).
For whatever reasons in my own mind, I do not believe that the person was part of any “plot” in the Democratic Party to quasi-falsely remove President Trump.  That is just another conspiracy theory.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

PBS Frontline: "Battle for Hong Kong"

Tonight PBS Frontline aired the 55 film by Robin Barnwell, “Battle for Hong Kong”, following five protesters throughout 2019, but before the coronavirus became an issue. 
The protests were originally motivated by China’s extradition bill which would have given the mainline power to take prosecutions back to the mainland.
Many of the protesters were female, and they would write emergency contact numbers on their feet.
Oct 1 was the 70the anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, but the biggest protest occurred in November.
Now the colony is enduring quarantines, including an entire apartment building that was evacuated when two people ten floors apart in one tier tested positive. 
Full control would go back to mainline China in July 2047 (when I would be 104).
Wikipedia attribution link under CCSA 2.0 from Flickr. 

Sunday, February 09, 2020

"Full Measure" brings up the sensitivity of gratuitous campaign financing, post Citizen's United

There was a little blurp this Sunday morning on the (Sinclair, “conservative”) Full Measure program that reminds us how sensitive the balance between free speech and election interference might be.  

The host is Sharyl Attkisson.
The discussion concerned Michael Moore’s airing of the film "Trumpland", which apparently might not have been legal before Citizen’s United (and MacCutcheon, perhaps). Here is the text of the program.  
But back in 2016 Trevor Burrus had analyzed the legal climate for the Cato Institute in a paper here
The article covers the history of campaign finance reform before Citizen’s United.  One particularly alarming statement was that the law wants to discourage the public from being “surprised” by Internet information which could skew elections.  But of course this is what we think happened in Nov. 2016 anyway.  But the statement seems to imply that bloggers using their own resources could be interfering with elections illegally.  There were also concerns over the possible legal consequences of putting the entire film on YouTube to be viewed free (and I've covered free "gratuitous" content on my main blog recently, including Saturday, toward the end of the post).  
Electronic Frontier Foundation says, no, this isn’t really true, and it gives a straightforward legal explanation here.
But this is scary, as there was indeed a major scare in October 2005 which the Washington Times had exposed, and which caused a major incident when I was substitute teaching related to materials I had posted (it’s in Chapter 3 of my DADT III book).
The video for her show today isn’t up yet, so I supplied last week’s.  In DC her show airs at 10 AM on Sunday mornings on WJLA7.    She had reported an earlier controversy about reporting on surveillance of journalists here.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Thomas Frank (of "Brilliant") on "The Skill You're Slowly Losing" through "cognitive offloading"

Thomas Frank has an interesting video sponsored by Brilliant, “The Skill You’re Slowly Losing”.  
Frank talks about the tendency for students stuck on calculus problems to look up the solutions if they get stuck.
He also says that too many people look for quick answers to complicated questions on the Internet, with “cognitive offloading” and jeopardize their critical thinking skills. 

I really are starting to wonder if I could have become a calculus teacher as a second career around 2004 or so.  
The video has some breathtaking mountain snow scenery (Canada?)

Sunday, February 02, 2020

David Pakman in a major feud with a well-known writer over feminism and identarianism

Viewers should know about a feud David Pakman is having a writer named Amy Siskind. .

This other person calls Joe Rogan very bad names which are not true.
David fears the social justice warriors could go after him, and he is a liberal, even a progressive- but still an individualist.

Picture:  My apartment, not David's.  Just a picture. 

Saturday, February 01, 2020

"Carlos Maza Goes Independent" after Vox stops his Strikethrough channel

Carlos Maza has started his own channel on YouTube, called “Carlos Maza Goes Independent”.
The Verge explains why his Strikethrough Channel on Vox was stopped in July after his row with Steven Crowder,  
Tim Pool also discusses Maza's new channel.
I somewhat disagree with the idea that Maza ruined the careers of a lot of unrelated YouTubers.  In fact, YouTube handled the matter clumsily in June, 2019 and seemed to be making things up as it went along.
Pool does note that the far Left calls moderates “fascists” because the far Left needs to recruit everyone into its revolution.