Friday, March 31, 2006

7th Heaven

Seventh Heaven, TheWB, weekly, Mondays (ironically when Mormons have "family home evening"), eleven seasons

This is Brenda Hampton’s series and it has run for eleven years, giving the chronicles of the life of the Camden family, headed by a minister Eric (Stephen Collins) (in Glen Oak – CA?) and his devoted stay-at-home mom wife (Catherine Hicks) and seven kids. The oldest is now a medical resident Matt (Barry Watson), but the most visible is probably Simon (David Gallagher), now in college. Simon went through the trauma at 17 of accidentally striking and killing a bicyclist with his car, but the cyclist, with drugs in his system, was at fault. Simon also made a family home video which made an amusing episode in 2003. This is a “Christian” show with somewhat sheltered Ozzie and Harriet like values. But the daughter Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), married to a policeman (Geroge Stults) and now with a daughter Savannah, has become a minister herself, and in one episode has the embarrassment of giving a long sermon in which everyone falls asleep. Tyler Hoechlin, now 18, plays Martin, a usually super-mature teenager, aspiring to be a baseball star with a dad in Iraq, and he lives with the Camdens as a border and is practically a family member. But he loses his cool over his dad, and in another series accidentally gets a college girl pregnant and does not want to take responsibility for the baby. Yet, Martin Brewer is still one of the most likeable young male characters in contemporary television, and it is easy to imagine that Hoechlin could have taken on a Clark Kent kind of role in the movies. One wonders if the show could have dealt more honestly with leading edge social issues that might challenges the beliefs of the families. There is a strong undercurrent of support for abstinence, and that sex is a privilege that only married people should enjoy.


Anonymous said...

i like kevin and lucy and savannah and the dogs

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