Friday, September 29, 2006


Title: Runaway
Network: CW (formerly TheWB)
Started: 9/25/2006

The setup of this series will remind the viewer of the 1993 Warner Brothers film, "The Fugitive." This time Paul Rader (Donnie Wahlberg) was been framed for murder and jumped bail. The takes his family (wife Lily -- Leslie Hope; kids: Henry (Dustin Milligan, originally born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories), Hannah (Sarah Ramos) and a grade school boy Tommy (Nathan Gamble) on the lam, the Iowa. The police (it looks like the omnipresent Judith Scott, a staple of thrillers and police dramas, is in charge) are hunting them, and they have to make up stories the way you would play a Schubert impromptu. When stopped for a traffic violation and without a DL, Lily makes up the story that they are "refugees" from Hurricane Katrina.

Henry creates a family crisis, as his own life is compromised by having to hide who he is, even as a teenager. (Forget about myspace, he can't even be anything in the bricks and mortar world.) The whole question of family solidarity, and its moral foundation, comes into question. "I have no friends," Henry says. "You have your family," Paul says. Why should Henry sacrfice for his Dad's mistakes? Henry is not sure that his dad is innocent and starts to run away.

A cat has apparently witnesses the original crime, which is covered up with a bit of computer hacking. If only felines could talk, there would be no problems.

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