Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good Morning America: North Korea visit

Diane Sawyer has been reporting from North Korea on ABC News "Good Morning America." Thursday, she showed a tour of a typical "upper class" apartment in the city. North Koreans are obsessed with housekeeping perfection and neatness as moral virtues, to the point that fans have covers. They are a foot shorter than their peers in South Korea because of meager diets, which are sparse even for the few well off. The City was immaculate, with every little piece of litter picked up. A beauty salon for foreingers was shown.

Earlier tours had shown the capital city of Pyongang emptied as everyone had to go out into the field and work like peasants, as in the style of a Maoist 60s cultural revolution. Kim Jong-Il, of course, has it good.

The ABC News story warns that war with North Korea really is possible if the US enforces sanctions because of the "nuclear" test. The link is here.

In the mid 1990s, the Clinton administration had been more concerned about the possibility of war erupting in Korea than it was about radical Islam.

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