Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Nine

ABC introduced this suspense series (the title reminds one of "The 4400" doesn't it) on Wednesday nights (10 PM EDT). Nine people's lives are tied together when they are in a Los Angeles bank when it is robbed in spectacular fashion, in a manner that reminds one of the Al Pacino film "Heat" (1995). In succeeding episodes, their lives weave in and out, and we find that one or more of them could have been involved in the crime (the sliding around of a cell phone is an important clue). The most familiar cast member to me is Scott Wolf, who played a retreating doctor in Everwood, is a surgeon (Jeremy Kates) in this series. Reviewers say that this series must be watched faithfully, in every episode. It does seem like a manipulation.

There are funky scenes, like when someone discusses automating an insurance claims processing system, and the objection is raised is that the "inefficiency" of the old system makes the company profitable and keeps people working. Another clue.

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