Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What about Brian?

Title: What about Brian?
Network: ABC
Season: 2

Barry Watson, who played Matt Camden, the oldest son and doctor (who doesn't know how to turn off a cell phone in the operating room) on 7th Heaven, comes back as a "left behind" (not exactly Tim La Haye style) bachelor in a nest of upscale professional friends in contemporary LA. His best chance for a matchup is Marjorie--Sarah Lancaster, who played Madison (Ephram's undoing) in Everwood. Adam (Matt Davis) is Brian's best friend, a lawyer, who isn't afraid of a lap dance in a bar just before marriage himself. There's a lot of activity, like accidental bedroom fires, car wrecks, and the like, and the pace is quick -- even if this is a combination of "coming of age" (you expect to see Zach Braff show up) and a kind of 70s friendship movie (Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice, or Four Friends, etc.) In one scene, another girl says that Brian looks "manly."

Barry Watson had to recover from a random bout of Hodgkin's Disease, which usually requires rigorous chemotherapy, and strikes young adults in unpredictable fashion, although it has been associated with certain common viruses (like Epstein-Barr) and sometimes appears in minor clusters. Watson also appeared in the horror film Boogeyman in 2005.

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