Tuesday, November 21, 2006

House, M.D.

This series "House, M.D." with Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, has been well touted by Fox (since 2004) as a counterweight to ER and maybe even Law & Order. Ironically, it is produced by NBC Universal, though aired on Fox.

A typical episode was aired on Nov 21 2006 (Tuesday) in which an eighteen year old man has a heart attack, which is traced to brain disease and inherited immune disorder that can be cure by bone marrow transplant from a younger sibling.. The young man is himself orphaned, and has been involuntarily dealt the responsibility of raising younger siblings. In these individualistic times, it is interesting to note that numerous times movies and network or cable series have dealt with the themes of involuntary family responsibility, often for siblings or other relatives. Other examples have included TheWB's Summerland, and the movie "Raising Helen."

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