Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sci-Fi Channel brings back Jake 2.0 reruns

After disappearing for a couple years, I'm at least glad to see David Greenwalt's Jake 2.0 the Sci-Fi channel on Cable showing three reruns of "Jake 2.0" on Friday, Jan. 5, 2007. The series had originally run on UPN in 2003-2004 (just 16 episodes), usually on Wednesday nights. That year, TheWB ran Smallville on Wednesdays at 8 PM, so the show made a good match.

I had an original blogger entry on this here.

I also have some details at my tv link and at my emergency story, an old posting.

The snazzy musical soundtrack (in the opening credits) and Jake's own self-narration -- "then, everything changed" -- doesn't show up until episode 2. In the pilot, he gets "infected" by the nanobots that give him super powers a bit like Clark Kent's. The character, played by Christopher Gorham, is a wonderful role model, somewhat like law student (not exactly geeky) Sam Wincester (Jared Padalecki) who keeps his cop brother Dean in line as the two go demon hunting in TheWB's Supernatural. Jake, in this series, is supposed to be the stereotyped geek, but more like a geek-plus, a little bit like Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) in "Days of our Lives." Even Jake's kid brother, when the two bar-hop in Georgetown (probably actually filmed in Toronto) likes the idea of their playing NSA agents, because girls don't usually go for geeks.

I don't see a DVD of the Jake 2.0 series yet.


Anonymous said...

i did not get to catch it the first time around but have really enjoyed watching it on sci-fi channel.

Melina said...

I wish that Sci Fi would consider taking over the show and producing a second season

Rosy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Although it had its heavy moments it was a light sci fi which I like. It would be nice to bring it back but not sure if it would be feasible for the Sci Fi Channel.

One thing I would like to the end of the episode shown today (Arms and The Girl or something like that) does anybody know the name of the song they were playing as the prisoner exchange was going on? I cannot find that information anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have just sit and watched like the 5-6 episodes today and I must say how did I miss this. Maybe it was just because it was UPN, but man what a show even my wife was deep into it. I am on the bandwagon for bringin it back and from my research I see things like this that tells me alot of folks liked it. Its rated pretty high for an unknown show.

Anonymous said...

i didn't get to watched the first time around either i really enjoyed watching it today that i didn't get much done at home