Monday, February 12, 2007

Apprentice LA -- redux: the bourgeoisie becomes the proletariat

The Donald Trump has defined his classful society well in Los Angeles with winner take all. The losers live outside in balmy LA in tent city. OK, food is provided for them, but they learn to live with bunk mates and do without creature comforts -- because they failed to compete successfully. Is this setting a good moral example?

Moreover, on the Feb. 11, 2007 episode, the teams had to harvest honey on a bee farm. Yes, these preppies donned space suits and got stung through the suits. This was real pain. Then, before selling their honey, they learned to work on an assembly line, like a working, non-exempt blue collar guy who presses a time clock. They learned what it's like to become fungible proles.


Note that on the Grammy's last night (CBS), Justin Timberlake was at the electronic piano, and he looks "recovered" from his role in Alpha Dog. Let's say he looks more like he did in the glory days of 'Nsync.

Pictures: The other LA (French Quarter, after Katrina) and a relatively intact area of Bay Saint Louis MN

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