Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dr. Phil tackles Internet fame as the new "currency"

On Tuesday, March 27, 2007, NBC's Dr. Phil show did an interesting segment on Internet "fame" -- a takeoff on the New Line film "15 Minutes" and the movie title "Fame" itself, perhaps. The general topic of the show was the trend for people to do silly things and make videos of them and post them in order to enjoy public notoriety. As noted often on these blogs, this trend (especially with social networking sites) has drawn unfavorable attention from employers in the past two or three years. The other major trend is for people to do "anything" in order to get onto reality television, no matter how unfavorable or silly their behavior.

Dr. Phil presented Perry and Michael as directors of the new documentary American Cannibal: The Road to Reality, imdb reference here.

He also presented former "The Apprentice" contestant Sam Solevey, who has a professional life as an auctioneer raising money for charity, as a realtor, and as a n operator of several web information services with job bank information (like Potomac Tech Wire in the Washington DC area). Sam was Donald Trump's "wild man" on The Apprentice, whom Donald said would make someone a lot of money, just not The Donald. Sam seemed troubled by his experience with The Apprentice, even though it was with a legitimate show.

Dr. Phil also presented a female fashion model who was developing fame on the Internet, and the model's friend was concerned that she had attracted a stalker. However Dr. Phil seemed to feel that her presence on the Web represented a real business with real income potential and real content (fashion).

The issue of Internet self-publishing, where the content is legitimate in intent but not professionally edited (because of lack of income or resources) was not really discussed, but that sounds like a good topic for another show.

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